B.R. Konexion LLC x Gemar Collaboration

B.R. Konexion LLC, is proudly partnered with Gemar Balloons located in Italy! Gemar Balloons supplies the upmost premium balloons and is internationally recognized for being a word leader in the balloon industry. It is our honor to supply our clients with quality, beauty, and balloons that create lasting memories.

Apart from providing premium balloons Gemar Balloons and B.R. Konexion, LLC partnered up to deliver 700 masks to DHS child welfare workers and children in foster care. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping sew masks, please contact us at (503)619-5012.

Mothers Day Special

On Sunday May 10th we celebrate the amazing women who gave us life. In honor of these amazing women B.R. Konexion, LLC, is having a Mothers Day special designing custom balloons. Call us now at (503)619-5012 to reserve your balloons today or receive more information.